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So there was first WorldCon in Finland. In Helsinki, of course.
Entrance to the Pasila Conference Center
(Entrance to the Pasila Conference Center)

Five days of Finnish WorldCon )

Programs I did not manage to go to in time )
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Pat Cadigan - Mindplayers

(This is repost from LJ, And this is just one of the first written by Queen of Cyberpunk)

Alexandra "Deadpan Allie" Haas, this world's equivalent to a drug junkie, is caught red-brained using an unlicensed psychosis and the Brain Police gives her a choice - train yourself to become a shrink or go to jail. So she goes to J. Walter Tech to become a professional.
Cyberspace the psychiatrists' way )
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Nick Pollotta & Phil Foglio: Illegal Aliens (1989)

(This is repost from LJ)

Spherical alien ship lands on the Central Park of the NYC and teleports a group of test subjects inside to test their suitability to enter the Galactic League. Or that's what they say. The humans just happen to be a gang of street thugs. And the hilarity ensues.
Not the kind of First Contact the SETI people would probably wish for )
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Keith Laumer - Retief At Large

Jaime Retief is a secondary level diplomat in the CDT - Corps Diplomatique Terrestrienne - that represents the interest of Earth humans ("terries") in the galaxy. The main political opponent of humans are the Soviet analogue aliens named Groaci, who are just about as devious as you can think of.

Only competent human diplomat in the galaxy )


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