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Bad Monkey

Carl Hiaasen - Bad Monkey

Andrew Yancy is a down-on-his luck policeman who is demoted to a restaurant inspector for sodomising the husband of his mistress with a vacuum cleaner. His predecessor died of food poisoning. He is horny, prone to get stoned and wants his old job back.

Yes, he is the good guy of this story.

When a tourist fishes a severed arm ouf of Florida waters, Yancy's boss tells him to get rid of it by pushing it into Miami forensic laboratory to handle. But things get soon complicated with the widow, the deceased's junkie daughter, kinky version of CSI:Miami pathologist and a real-estate speculator who is about to ruin Yancy's view to the sea - A project Yancy does his best to ruin.

As a typical Hiaasen hero Yancy begins to investigate the death with a forlon hope that it could somehow help him to get his old job back. And he ends up visiting the Bahamas where a local man tries to harm the same folks by hiring a nymphomaniac voodoo witch. And, as usual, bodies begin to pile up.

Neville, the Bahamaian, is simple but actually more interesting character and is barely saved from becoming a stereotype. He just wants to get his old home back and ends up being involved with the voodoo witch and the monkey.

I am inclined to think that Hiaasen needed to get laid or something when he wrote this book. There is so much sex in this particular novel. Kinky coroner, sex criminal fugitive, horny voodoo witch, Yancy's mistress and so on. Don't worry, monkey is not involved. Come to think of it, the monkey is only peripherally involved to begin with, as a sort of local color.

Hiaasen also has lots to say about the (over)development of shoreline of Florida and the Bahamas. The last time I heard, the shore plot properties in Florida are overdeveloped and overinsured. Next typhoon could bankrupt several insurance companies - so they probably end up using their lawyers, lobbyists and bought politicians in order not to pay anything.