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Torey Hayden - Somebody Else's Kids

(This is repost from LJ)

In this book Torey Hayden has officially lost her class to inclusion laws that force kids of special needs to go the classes with other children (that's sometime in the 1970's somewhere in the East Coast of USA, I presume, but could as well be Finland of the 1990s). First she does only some extra teaching but eventually Hayden ends up with a small, new class to call of her own. And in the process she ends up being accused of idealism more than once.
Kids becoming Hayden's problem )
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Louis D. Rubin, Jr (edit.) - An Apple for my Teacher

First, I have to admit I don't know a single one of these authors who write about their mentors. It may be that their books are more "literary" variety that rarely crosses the Atlantic - or even their own world of academia to the outside world. Some of them admit as much: "Radical writer in America is stuck with the anomaly that his own only audience is the literate establishment"

How to learn to write to the social circle of your teacher )
"He can solve practical problems for you, problems of craft; but he cannot and should not meddle with the mystery of it."


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